Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Watchlist: CSCO and INTC

Chart from SAXO. Not sure why got 2 thick black lines.

My trading account has gained 6% since start of August. My value-investor friends thought that trading is a risky affair. Yes I don't deny it's risky, therefore I am 'risking' only a small portion (less than 5%) of my portfolio to do trades for fun and some side income. As much as I need to diversify my portfolio, I feel I should diversify my skills too.

I cannot be too quick to attribute my gains to skills at this point, it could be beginner's luck for all I know. Besides doing TA and trade set-up, one thing I find very important in trading is the discipline in execution. When it's time to close, it's time to close - regardless of gain or loss.

Begin with the end in mind.

Watching the news could be as important, if not more important, than watching the price movements. (Price movements are often reaction to news and no amount of TA can beat the news. TA reflects but not predicts.) I am keeping my eyes peeled to Alibaba's earning report that is coming out soon and of course outcome of the trade talks.

I recall in JC days I used to hate reading any economic or business news, but now it's quite the opposite! When you get to understand something, you will start to enjoy something more. :)


Monday, 20 August 2018

Watchlist: DBS

  • Downtrend intact
  • Based on my 3 indicators, the DBS (D05) is still showing weakness
  • May be consolidating at current level given no break-through news
  • If support at $25.10 fell, steep fall expected
  • Not buying till there's sign of reversal

I have no vested interest in DBS currently. Last trade - sold at $20.55 some time ago.

ThaiBev was another falling knife. Fortunately, I've only initiated a small position to wait out the decline.


Sunday, 19 August 2018

Good at spending

When I say I want to be good at spending money, you guys probably think that I am on my way to be a money-splurging tai-tai.

As far as my tai-tai dream goes, I failed to throw any 'golden tortoise' bait.

Most people define 'spending money' here simply as the act of buying material things. However, to me, 'spending money' can be much more than that. How good is one at spending money I am talking about how prudent one is in exchanging his money for its worth. It can be exchanging for material things (consumption), gaining an experience, getting an education, accumulating investments or even setting up businesses. Recall this post Time or Money II that I wrote a couple of years back?

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Revisit: Which character best describes you in investing / trading?

After watching the clip, which character best describes you in investing / trading?
  1. The 'asset-rich' but not very smart crocoduck
  2. The resourceful white sheep? "Fluffy and trying to be carnivorous."
  3. Or... the matrix frog "Watch my agility - huat huat huat huat!"
See the part 1 video here 4Ds market rules in a crash

As the Chinese saying goes "知己知彼,百战百胜". It means that in order to win you must recognize what are your edge over others - such as what do you know but others don't know, what skills do you possess which others don't have, what's your investing temperament, what tools / assets do you have and how adept are you in using them. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

First successful pair trade on SAXO

As though every streak of good luck must come with some streak of bad luck, a big fat cockroach came flying into my room as I closed my trade position on a gain last night.

SAXO's platform is pretty sophisticated its functions and quite user-friendly. There are all kinds of orders that traders could enter, and they have a buffet of security types for trading (CFD, Options, ETF, forex and much more) on the platform. I opened a small position as a test-water trade to see how I can execute CFD and monitor it. I made a mistake by shorting only 10 shares of the CFD stock initially without realizing that the commission for CFD trades is USD9.99 (which means I need a dollar drop to break-even... eyes 'tak' stamps TT). I had a trading plan in mind but got to admit that it is not perfect and my execution was far from well done.

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