Friday, 15 December 2017

Goal setting - Ma Yun's words of wisdom

Focus is essential for business. When laying down the strategic goals for your business, you must never exceed three. Once you’ve exceeded three, you won’t be able to remember them, and neither will your workers. When you set down goals each year, just determine the three most important, and cut out the fourth."

In whatever we do, whether it is investing or carving out a niche in something, we should never lose our focus by trying to achieve too many things at a time - either we will forget or we will forgo.

Another piece of Ma Yun's advice for start-ups, but I think it's also applicable to whatever we chose to embark on -
"the first is what you want to do, the second is how to do it, the third is how long to do it for.”

To work out finer details, we can dive into SMART goal setting when the above are thought through.

And last but not least -
"You cannot unify everyone’s thoughts, but you can unify them with a common goal."

Yeah, instead of trying to get employees to believe in you, get them to believe that they can do it! They can achieve goal XYZ for bigger good when they work together. (And that requires the skill of higher level brainwashing hehe...)

If you extrapolate some of the above wisdom on goal setting to your personal finance management, what goals would you set?

Investors have goals... Hey, traders have goals too (albeit being short-term ones). Target entry price, target sell price, stop-loss points... all that mini-goals to help achieve the ultimate bigger goal of making money from the market.


Sunday, 10 December 2017

Ofo free bike ride

I had a 20-minute exercise last night by cycling home as the buses were off service (all because of the JE-red line early closure and I waited 20 mins for the last train! Pfft).

I have not rode for over 3 years and for a third of the journey I was wrestling with the bike. >.<
The only good thing is that ride was foc as OFO is now having a month-long promotion.

Maybe next weekend I shall exercise again on OFO.
Ok, definitely not at night. Not nice to be sweaty and sleepy when home.


Speaking of deals, Grab's reward points expire twice a year. So quickly redeem them before those expiring end of this year turn worthless.


Thursday, 7 December 2017

If only I could turn back time - II

If only I could turn back time

I would have invested in...

1. Apple (AAPL)?

2. Tencent Holdings (0700.HK)?

3. Bitcoin?

Ya, in my craziest dream.

Bitcoin looks like it's shooting for the moon. Here's a good read on Understanding the Cryptocurrency Boom.

Image result for pooh balloon float
"Would their prices go up, up and away?"

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Why Yahoo Finance rocks

Because I can draw data from long long time ago... It dates all the way back to 1996, wow!


I am also using the Yahoo Finance App on my mobile which allows me to track my portfolio with ease. You can add stock symbols by simply pressing on the '+ Add symbol', add your shares holding by pressing 'Add' under the Shares column after adding symbols and also create multiple watchlists. :)


Words of life wisdom

Before you speak, listen. 
Before you write, think. 
Before you spend, earn. 
Before you invest, investigate. 
Before you criticize, wait. 
Before you pray, forgive. 
Before you quit, try. 
Before you retire, save. 
Before you die, give.” 

- William Arthur Ward
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