Friday, 2 April 2010

Start of working life

Looking back at my 9 mths of training now seems like a flashback. There are times of pain (from long hours of standing and walking), stress (when we need to meet documents and project deadlines), joy (when my group won the project presentation and how i survived delivering it in the auditorium first time wearing a blazer), and last but not least the rapport built with my preceptors and fellow trainees.

Now that I have started work (been almost a year counting), it is very different. Like a load lifted off my shoulder, even though there are still small loads thrown to me along the way. Very much learning is dependent on self, nobody to push me at the back. Work everyday is very routine, except when i get rostered to work overtime elsewhere. Not too bad for now considering the current benefits and pay. I can foresee myself staying on and looking for opportunities to develop in the co for the next 2 years. My work scope may not be very much of my interest but it may be close if I trying viewing it in a different perspective.


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