Friday, 23 April 2010

Pros and cons to singlehood

3) Money spent to yourself
4) No family burden

1) Lonely on Vday --> envy of couples?
2) No cosy shoulders to lean on
3) No romantic surprises

Ok singlehood doesn't seemed that bad afterall... No matter which it is, most importantly is still to cherish what you have got at the moment and be happy. From the many failed marriage that I have heard and seen, it seemed that even when you are not single you may not necessary get that supporting shoulder and all that so-called romance.

I have a friend who once said that marriage is like an investment. That was a guy friend so he is speaking in terms of taking a wife. Maybe the modern generation are starting to manage relationship like an investment, so when it does not seem to be paying off then they would break-up / divorce. So when you have multiple relationships, it means 'portfolio diversification'? I think throwing in emotions is definitely not as easy as throwing in money... unless it is not true emotions you are investing.

At the end of the day it not about how well you get along with your other half but the mean of getting along with him/her. Of course both should also shares the same trust, passion, commitment and chemistry. Talking about relationship between opposite genders, John Gray's book have been very enlightening. A worthy read.


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