Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Angry Birds chatter

After waiting and waiting, I have FINALLY bought my new android phone - Samsung Galaxy S Super clear LCD. =D At a bargain! It costs me only $98 after the $100 Singtel voucher discount (just too bad Starhub, your marketing tactic and prices failed to attract me). Got a fairly good monthly price plan too with corporate discount in place. *Beam*

It is indeed a whole new world of experience. Now my phone is becoming a more important gadget than my computer because it is not only useful for calls and sms anymore - it simply encompasses everthing! Task alarm, cool games, surfing, reading references, watching videos, listening to music... Brilliant conveniences. Only a bit troublesome to have to keep charging due to the high power consumption and I am still trying to get use to the Qwerty keypad. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the Andriod Swype is REALLY cool. That's another reason to why I am not getting iphone despite all that hype going around.

One game app that I must really commend is Angry Birds. It is one popular game that my colleagues have been crazy about and I only get to play it now.

Other than being free (on android), cute and fun, it is really simple to play and has got good graphical effects that made it more addictive then it seems. All that physics behind the projectile momentum and the graphical effects of the kinetic reactions triggered by the catapulting of funny-looking birds are worth marveling at. Although seriously I must admit it can get me quite angry and frustrated at times when I couldn't figure out the right angles to shoot to get those darn green pigs. Green pigs? If you don't know this game, you must have thought it is absolutely absurd. Well, players like me might have found it hilarious, especially when it smirks at you when you fail the level. Oh please don't ask me why green pigs because I haven't any clue either. What's more amazing is they even got the Season versions for it!

Bill gates, Steve Job, Mark Zuckerburg... Angry Birds founder next? Haha.


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