Thursday, 10 March 2011

A little thoughts about Mistakes - learn your own

People often boast about their achievements, profits, gains but how many people can you find out there who publish their mistakes and reflections? Not many, it would be fortunate if you can read one. Why? Because they would rather appear like gurus so that you will visit their blogs more and believe in what they say, of course! Besides, people don't like to read laments and people get turned off by negative things.

However, if you look at it from another perspective, looking at others' mistakes would give you a more realistic view of how things are and learn that not everything is 'a bed of rose' - without having you to go through it yourself. Of course, the flip side is that ultimately whatever reflections there are would be HIS and not yours. As a Chinese proverb says "if the knife doesn't cut your flesh, you would not be aware of pain". It is sometimes a little difficult to have an understanding of others' mistakes without experiencing it yourself really.

So learn from your own mistakes. Don't tread on others' mistake (if you are fortunate enough to learn them) and most importantly don't tread on the past ones of your own.


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