Sunday, 27 November 2011


钱犹如士兵, 市场犹如战场, 将领犹如投资者。 你要如何在这战场上夺取胜利呢?

I shall visit the library to borrow a copy of Sun Tzu's Art of war when I am free. Below is some gist from a finance blogger (external link). -->

Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War to Trading by BigFatPurse


Android smart keyboard

The good thing about android over iPhone is none other than it's flexibility in apps and programming. I have been frustrated for months over the phone's build-in dictionary for typing and messaging because it has got a lot of ridiculous words that pop up as word choices (some are not even English I suspect) and is not 'smart' enough to differentiate which word is most used. So I finally got down to downloading a smarter keyboard for my phone with a proper english dictionary.

Initially I was afraid that an external interface program might lag or slow down the phone, but no it works fine. Best of all, the skin can be changed so my liking so I no longer have to stick to a black coloured keypad (there's even an iPhone keyboard skin!). The only minus point is the lack of Swype, which the original android Galaxy S has. Efficient as the swype function is invented to be, the lack of a good dictionary greatly reduced it's efficiency when I have to filter out the word from the long list of pop-up words and sometimes it just automatically give me the word I didn't want. Another negative point is if I want to input number lets say for time, when I press on 2, it will give me a '2b' by default selection from it's ever-so-clever dictionary. This new keyboard has no problem with just giving me my single number at all.

I shall continue to use the trial for a couple more weeks. If it works smooth as it is now with no glitch or lag, I would buy it to get rid of the 'buy me' pop-up.


Sunday, 20 November 2011

"Seeing is believing."

This is a very good quote indeed. What it means is - do not just believe in hear-says and your own assumptions, you need to SEE the FACTS before you can really believe them and make your decision.

In the many turmoils, dilemmas, and hear-says that my family has been through these few months due to a trouble, I am glad that most instances we did not rely on hear-says for making decisions. Unfortunately, the trouble actually was seeded from 'hear-say'.

Hearing alone often is not good enough because what you hear are just people's thoughts and perceptions and sometimes could be misinterpreted or outdated information. Search and dig - reports, official information, authority's websites, verify the info and then formulate your own thoughts and judgments. If you base your decision on arbitrary information, you are taking a risk, you are putting the ball in someone else's court, you are playing on luck.

A side note - seeing with your heart is different from seeing with your mind. Some things can be made up to appeal to your visual sight, some things are deliberately made seen in order to deceive (eg. not what it appears to be). One has to connect the dots and view the issues objectively in the mind and not be too stunned emotionally.

Have faith, trust your facts, trust your instincts, do not be swayed by others, fight on (ganbatte to myself)!

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