Friday, 7 December 2012



To translate the above, it means

"In the field of career,
your level of education is your bronze medal.
your level of capability is your silver medal.
your networking ability is your gold medal."

People usually see how one communicates and behaves before how one perform in work. How have your EQ been helping you to network effectively?
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Random grouse

Everyone has family commitments (with the exception of a few less fortunates). Those who are married have a little bit more commitment than those who are single and those who have children, well, have propelled themselves to a much higher level of commitment and it is often very good excuse for work.

Whatever it is, it might be a good idea to let the one with higher level of family commitment talk to the one with higher level of family commitment. Perhaps along the way they could talk about how they cope with their kids.

Hopefully they will come to an amicable agreement at the end of the day. I prefer to be out of the picture.

And maybe, just maybe, I will join their rank someday.


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Canon, shot-gun or catapult?

It is not my passion to study. Now I am seriously considering going back to study - for passion, a passion for business. Doing which I hope to be propelled out of the 'steel rice bowl' arena of medical field which I am currently in (and not of my passion), to a whole new treacherous but more exciting playing ground of business and management.

The million dollar question is - is MBA going to be a worthy investment in Singapore? Read

And the next million dollar question is - should I self-finance the study or wait for sponsorship later?

I shall use the following analogies to further elaborate on my choices:

1) Spend a bomb to get a canon with the intent to shoot down some big prey (prospect and earnings). Pray that the canon would not be used only to kill ladybird.

2) Wait till I find a sponsor (employer) to supply me the bomb for me to get the canon. Kill whatever prey that the sponsor offers to me even if that is just ladybirds. This entails also a bond and the terms offered would be yet another story. But at least I own a canon.
Something noteworthy

3) Get a shotgun first (post-grad dip in business) to shoot down small prey then observe if a canon is necessary.

4) Save the money and just self-make catapult (self-study). Improvise from there.

Which is the best choice?

I think the answer is getting clearer.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

The decision to quit

Ambivalence - that's the key word for me these 2 months. It probably made me sprout a few more strands of white hair (and I probably don't need my student to point them out). After weighing the costs and benefits, my decision is finally to quit.

It's been 5 years since I joined (this company), including the bond period served. Now I have decided not to trade my time for money, trade my time for something that I don't enjoy doing most of the time and it has come to a point of stoic-ness at work. The risk here that I have to undertake is not having a stable income for a while until I settle for another full-time job. However, considering the amount of things that I can try out and courses that I have always wanted to take up which I would be able to after quitting, I figure it should worthwhile.
Two courses that I would like to take would be Japanese language (to continue from my previous studies) and Post-grad dip in business.

I Quit Royalty Free Stock Photo - 19408455

In life, we have to keep moving on. Keep exploring. If we are pacing about at the same point of a path for too long, we will gradually become afraid to step away, make a turn or make a different choice. We need to give ourselves a kick to get liberation from this status-quo even if it means there would be uncertainty ahead.

Remember, if we do not move we will never reach our goal because our goal will not move towards us automatically.

Counting down to the exit interview.


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Troubleshoot Facebook on Mozilla Firefox

If one fine day after clearing all history and cookies in your mozilla firefox browser, you find that Facebook cannot load properly anymore - it gives no interface and has only blue words of links aligned vertically down a white page, what do you think has happened?

SLL certificate of site expired?

Malware virus attack?

Your Mozilla version is outdated or has problem?

Firewall problem?


After much precious time wasted on a clueless search and trying multiple futile ways to restore what I thought is a technical fault with my Mozilla, I just found out (feeling like a complete idiot) that it is because the TIME of my computer is not set right. It has to be of the correct local time for the darn webpage to load -- properly. *faintz*


Went bargain hunting for a laptop today after a long research online on the various brands and specs. It's been a long time since I go computer shopping, so was quite blur on what exactly is Intel Core i something, like there's i3, i5, i7... Last time were Intel Pentium, duo core and stuff. It just so happened that I am at Funan IT mall today and viola! there's a Court roadshow on laptop. So I bought - a 14" Acer laptop at $849, specs: i5-2450, 8 GB DDR ram, 1GB graphic card and 500GB HD. It is coupled with a bundle of goodies too. Quite good a deal for this specs when I compared around stores.

I recall my first computer was Gateway PC way back when I was in secondary school and that cost a freakin 2k (those were the times when computer are all pretty pricey) but it lasted me a good while.

Now technology has really progressed much and people are chasing not just convenient technology but sophisticated technology. From MB to GB to TB, from floppy to CD to DVD, from CRT to LD. Smart phones companies are practically racing against one another to wow their users (3 generations of the same model would be out before I could finish my phone contract) and so much specs/ functions to compare.

Sometimes I am wondering if technology is progressing too fast for our own good. People are spending more time with gadgets than with one another. People become reliant and felt lost when they don't have the gadgets with them. At least for now I can still say I function perfectly well without my handphone for a day out, 10 years down the road will that still be the case?


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Body language - the key to success

Some people apply these research statistics to dating, some apply to business and work. It sure is enlightening to know that...

• 55% is through body language
• 38% is the tone and speed of their voice
• Only 7% is through what they say 

Reference article here.

In another words, people form an impression of you not so much from words you say but THE WAY you say it. It would in turn influence the way they respond to you and their attitudes.

In the initial stage of my career, I tend to focus a lot on the words I say because the nature of my work is giving information and counseling so I cannot afford to say the wrong thing or miss out on certain important points.

As time goes by, I realized my customers tend to respond better when I don't articulate my questions in a robotic manner but probe for information with a more casual tone instead. When giving advise or information, use short pauses in between to let them digest or question. People instinctively don't like silence, so when employed correctly it would prompt the other party to fill in the silence gap. Also, first learn to listen intently before speaking so that you appear more empathetic (even if you don't necessarily agree with what was being said). Maintain eye contact and stand straight. Body language is also able to convey sincerity.

As for the tone, always keep a soft and neutral tone, but make the tone firmer if you are trying to bring across a point strongly. Avoid using "erm", "why" and "so". Because "erm" makes you sound unsure, "why" makes you sound interrogative, too many "so" makes you sound naggy or authoritative.

Body language is really an art. And I am still learning it.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Dragon CNY!

Even though it is not much of a reunion dinner nor big spread this year, but I am thankful that my family is safe, the problems from 2011 are settled, I am sitting in the comfort of my new home watching television programs, having nice clams and drumstick for dinner.

Happy CNY. May all of us gets prosperity and good fortune in the year to come. Huat ah!


Sunday, 15 January 2012

'Sorry, your child is not bright enough' - Channel NewsAsia

'Sorry, your child is not bright enough' - Channel NewsAsia

It's so sad to think of the kind of stress that children these days have to go through. Stress from parents, from school and now even enrichment / tuition centres. Speaking of kiasuism...

Learning often calls for aptitude and attitude. I think these centres which hold pre-enrolment tests are trying to screen for children with these qualities so that it would reflect better on them since these are the ones who would fare better in exams at the end of the day. Smart tactic and marketing I would say.

However, the truely professional educator whom I admire would be those don't discriminate and those who are able to deal with children with learning problems or the not-so-gifted ones to help them improve on their results - as long as they are willing to learn.

It is really the improvement that should count and not so much of how many As or A stars the child gets. It is also about nurturing the child in what he is good at, a so-called bright child doesn't need to be a straight A scorer. Maybe we should start evaluating learning centres in this new light.


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New year resolutions 2012

I have started off this year with a brilliant firework-watching with my friends at Esplanade park and it is also my first time watching fireworks live. A good start to the year.

With reference to my last year's resolution -, I have 3 aspects that I wanna work on last year namely
- a realistic exercise regimen
- money to be accumulated and allocated this year
- my career goals
1. A realistic exercise regimen has made some progress, although I didn't have a good stick to discipline and when weather's bad I just sit in the comfort of my home (which isn't an ideal exercising ground at all), I manage to swim fortnightly for a while before the rainy weather set in. Now seems like the weather is getting sunny again, I shall aim to exercise weekly whenever I have a weekday off work.

2. Money to be accumulated and allocated. Well, I didn't keep to my words of staying out of new investment although I did bought a blue chip - CapitaLand. And I did that by catching a falling knife - when the price is plummaging. So... I am still holding on to it and wait to sell on a very good rebound. Unfortunately the property market has got some very bad news and I think it's gonna take some time. Other non-blue chips are doing badly too because the Europe crisis is still hanging.

3. I have managed to stay on another year at where I am and waiting for some bonuses. Thereafter, I will re-access what are my goals and prospects in the company. Would be interested to try out new jobs if prospects are not in favor otherwise. The ultimate plan is still to set up a business but I have yet to draw up a concrete plan. That shall be my new year resolution.

4. Okay, Resolution 4 is to learn more about stock trading. Again it takes self-discipline which I think I am lacking

5. To go for at least a holiday oversea. In 2011, I have been too busy and couldn't settle on a good travel location and time with my friends. Start sourcing travel opportunities and buddies... hmm but maybe after moving house.

I am both excited and anxious about moving house this year. Hope all will go smoothly. Seeing the new house this Thursday. Had a really curvy-turvy, bumpy year 2011. Looking on the bright side there are some good lessons that me and my family have learnt during those problem-solving times. For a while I am gonna stop tracking my stocks, because I am unable to do anything about them and it's just depressing to keep dwelling on the losses.

I have stopped wasting time on FB games which is a good achievement on the discipline part in 2011. I have decided to stop joining useless events. Lastly, I gotta ask myself what I would define as a happy life.

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