Saturday, 17 November 2012

Chasing technology - is switching to a 4G plan worth it?

My samsung galaxy S's contract is due for renewal this December. Normally I would be very excited when this date draws near because I would be able to get a brand new mobile phone on some good renewal or switching deal. (I got my Samsung phone at only $98! after voucher and corporate plan.) BUT now with the new LTE aka 4G mobile plans, renewal of contract would means cutting my data usage limit from 12 GB to 2 GB. Since I am the only person at home using broadband, I have decided to terminate my subscription and switch to zero-cost method of surfing using me phone's AP function. The speed is not too bad, considering that I even managed to load videos on top of my normal surfing activities. So if they switch me to a 2 GB plan, it would make a HUGE difference. Say I exceed the data limit (which most likely would as I read that LTE allows more data through vs 3G thus the higher speed), it would cost me a whooping $10.70/GB with GST from 1 Jan 2013. What's the point of giving speed but so little data when the whole of point of having speed is to watch streaming videos? And what's the point of giving us more SMS? People are using Whatsapp, for goodness sake.

So the local telcos has successfully and tactically made their move to 招财. See the cats growing fatter, ah ha!

So, my conclusion is - don't renew contract until they totally phase out 3G one day. Now I am be looking for some no contract note or tablet deals, let's see whether there is going to be any year-end offers. iPad mini? Galaxy note II? Hmmm...


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