Thursday, 24 October 2013

Graduating from MIS Marketing dip course

I have been missing in action for a while here cos I have been busy investing in... learning!

I have gone back to studying, doing project and sitting in lectures just like in uni days, all while working part-time for 6 months from Jan followed by a new full-time job in August. Life has become more fulfilling, I would say, than if I had stayed on in my previous dreary job. Through this change, I have gotten to know more people both inside and outside of my profession. Good to meet new people!

After the final exam on 29th Oct I will be officially "liberated" from my course. On one hand I am glad that the course has come to an end so I would have more free time to read up on those clinical stuff for my 'continuous education' that I have been neglecting and possibly engage in a regular sports to increase my fitness level. On the other hand, I will miss the times of going-back-to-school, brainstorming of case studies and non-work chitchats with my classmates.

I do not have much prior learning on business except for 1 module of basic marketing elective previously in uni. This course has really opened my eye through theories and case studies on the aspects of business which I have not come across or thought about - like what are the considerations for penetrating overseas market, how branding and marketing play a role in business management, how to employ marketing strategies to optimize opportunities and overcome threats and applying theories in marketing communications (it's really not about doing creative craps haha).

I wished it wasn't such a crash course. Most of the theories I have yet to digest and 'bam' it's exam time - after all it's only an 8-month course. Nevertheless, the foundation knowledge and information-gathering techniques that I have learnt will surely come into good use in future if I could progress in the field of business management.

The end of one learning journey often marks the start of another isn't it?


Monday, 18 March 2013

PC blank screen troubleshoot

If you have just moved house and find that your PC doesn't start up after the 'shake'. Fret not. Instead of sending it for a $20 troubleshoot, you can try troubleshooting it yourself quite simply.

My PC has been cranky since moving house and one fine day upon start up the CPU just gave a long beep sound with the monitor remaining blank black. I was contemplating whether I should bring it for repair because re-plugging in of the cables did not help at all, but my PC is already long past warranty. So I decided to give a DIY hardware troubleshoot a shot anyway.

First look for the key screw, unscrew and slide off the back / side panel casing (depending on your PC model, mine is side). Long beep refers to problem with some cards or the hard disk. So check them out. I took out the memory module seated somewhere in the middle of the motherboard beneath the ribbons, dust it a little and put it back. Putting it back is a little tricky because after sliding it into the slot it won't catch. Have to press both end firmly using the same amount of force with the thumbs in a straight downward direction (so that I won't crack anything) until the two opened notch at the side flip back and 'catch' the module in place. If it is correctly in place, it shouldn't slide or budge.

When I on it this time, tadaa... it managed to start up perfectly fine and is smooth running. My PC troubleshoot DAEBAK (success)! If I sent it for repair, the repairman could have cheated me by saying must change spare parts or what, when all that is needed is to resit a loose card in the PC.


Friday, 22 February 2013

Saying "no", Part II

See my previous post - Saying "no"
This time is saying "no" to friends. I am talking about serious requests and times when they ask a favour from me.

One of the most difficult part of saying "no" to family and friends is that it kind of puts an awkward kink in the relationship. The moment you say the magic word it is as though you don't trust them. Sometimes it is not a matter of how much you trust them or how deep the friendship is, it is that I don't believe in putting blind faith in a person's actions even he/she may appear to have a good character, personality or has exceptional IQ. Being a very rational person, I will weigh the pros and cons of my subvention.

"Help within our means" this is what we should be telling ourselves. When it is clear that by agreeing to a request or favour, one is going to be weighed down by risks, conscience or responsibility beyond one's ability to handle, there is no better choice than to say "no" regretfully. One simple way is by asking oneself - Will I be able to sleep tonight if I say "yes"?

Saying "yes" maybe an easy way out of a friendship predicament but salvaging the trouble when something happens would prove to be a bigger predicament. Something that we should always bear in mind.

If a good friend is really a good friend he/she would understand or take the "no" in stride. Otherwise he/she might be angry for a while and then be back to normal self. For kinship it will forever be kinship even with a hundred "no". So-called 谈钱伤感情 is a famous saying that can't be reiterated enough.

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