Saturday, 12 September 2015

Financial Freedom part II

See also My thoughts on Financial freedom.

Financial freedom is defined as having the passive income so that you do not have to work or can choose to work to sustain your current needs and lifestyle. The key word is PASSIVE. This is usually the case when one invest sufficiently in businesses and have enough savings to generate a hefty sum of interest from bank or whichever source (ok hefty is a subjective term here).

Can we achieve financial freedom in Singapore on retirement by simply relying on CPF and our good o' HDB flats?

Can we depend on our children as a source of passive income should we choose to retire from work?

How much money do we need for maintaining financial freedom now or into the future?

What is the time frame to set for yourself to achieve this goal?

You could work very very hard, invest very diligently then rest and be lazy later in life.
Then the non-believers would just stop worrying, planning and just enjoy what life throws them - spend the money, work when it runs out and then repeat the process. Who says there's a right answer? ;)


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