Sunday, 20 May 2018

Comfort Delgro (C52) - my lost treasure after 5 years

Round 1: Bought $1.57
Round 2: Bought $1.46

Sold all at $1.84 in year 2013

Gain: $0.325  :)

But price rocketed in the years after. -.-
Silly me.

Round 3: Bought $2.02

Selling at _________ ??

I guess I won't be selling it anytime soon and likely to be collecting more if opportunity presents itself.

Not going to "let the car drives off without me" again.


  1. After selling in 2013; you didn't recycle this recovered capital from CDG?

    1. Hi Uncle8888,
      I recycled, but the dividend returns + capital gain weren't as good as if I had stayed vested in CDG.

    2. Recycling capital and re-investing is not as simple as we think. Take profit is never wrong; but can be wrongly reinvested. LOL!

    3. That was the period when CDG price went up, up, up but the Keppel I invested in went down, down, down. :(


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