Friday, 22 March 2019

Bonds in my portfolio

What's the latest fad now besides FIRE?

The akan datang SIA bond!

I just realised that I hardly mentioned anything about bonds in my portfolio. FYI they have been playing a rather significant role in stabilizing my investment portfolio, especially in times of market volatility. In fact, at this point in time, about half of my paper assets are in bond (gasp! surprise, surprise...), so you can see how much I value them. I must also give them credit for helping my Multiplier Account to multiply $!

My proud bond collection:

10 years SGS bond at 2.63% (Oct15)

10 years SGS bond at 2.39% (May18)

10 years SGS bond at 2.63% (Jul18)

10 years SGS bond at 2.44% (Sep18)

10 years SGS bond at 2.57% (Dec18)

10 years SGS bond at 2.45% (Jan19)

FCL 3.65% treasury (2022)

Perannial 4.55% bond (2020)

When I saw Uncle8888's 3-liner blog post:

"To lend at 3.03% interest rate in hope of Return OF Capital???

Got screw loose somewhere???

Why need detailed analysis???"

my reaction was of course... LMAO.

Nothing can be more succinct and straight-forward than this to describe sentiment on the SIA bond. 

In summary:

SSB SIA bond
Capital protected
not protected. capital duly returned only after 5 yrs & if nothing happens to SIA
Liquidity Redeemable any time with $2 admin fee Depends on the market demand

I shall wait patiently for another retail bond to come along as I certainly have no loose screw!


Recent trade actions: short BABA, short MNST

Fingers itchy again.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

A short break

I took a break from trading, investing and everything finance related for the past couple of weeks. The trading break was just at the time when the S&P and China stocks (like BABA) rallied like never before since the start of the trade war. Oh well... what have I missed.

Anyway, I have concluded that I do not have the psychology nor temperament for swing trading. Period.

My brief conclusion about investing after these few months is that...
We always miss the bigger picture and couldn't quite tell when bad news are actually good news for bargain buy instead of impending market big crash cos bad news tend to get amplified. (That's what made my regrettable sale of UMS and Silverlake.) Perhaps you would get a clearer idea of what I am talking about by reading this - Gradual Improvements Go Unnoticed.

"The fact that bad news is disseminated ten times as fast as positive news is one of the biggest reasons why it’s so difficult to just capture market returns."

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Monday, 25 February 2019

Emotion and Action

"Action comes from tension, desire and fear. Action is the hard part." []

Same goes for investing, managing our finances and everything else. To be aware, does not mean we will act and to act tends to come with an inertia. When we have too many emotions in conflict with each other, we would also hold off our action.

Despite trying to be all rational in deciding on our investment and trading actions and be as emotionless as we could, the one factor that really triggers us to click the button is emotion. An emotion, when strong enough, makes us carry out our next course of action and make decisions.

The emotions that drive us can sometimes be counter-productive and oppose the rational thinking. At times like this, we have to learn to overcome our emotions to carry out the "right" actions whether to - pay off debts, save money by delayed gratifications, cut losses, or take profits on our trades.

Emotion of desire often makes us more willing to average down than average up in our investments. The desire to 'gain back the losses' and 'prove ourselves right' is usually stronger than the desire to 'gain more from the existing gains'.

No one can understand our emotions more than ourselves. By being self-aware and learning to control our emotions, we could act more responsibly and constructively.


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Saturday, 2 February 2019

10 rights, 6 wrongs

Revisiting 6 rights, 2 wrongs a previous post that I have written in 2016, this is an update 2+ years since:

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Revisit: Share price woes of Keppel Corp

An update

Current share price: $6.10

Stellar earnings no longer stellar... but getting "staler"? (consolation, at least 18's results are better than 17.)

One of the big culprits of my 2015 portfolio massacre. I must have been quite stupid to buy it again at $6.82 last year. Now must wait long long for it to slowly recover...

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