18 October 2019

SG Active Trading Tournament 2019

It is my first time participating in a trading tournament, just for fun. Contest's elimination round is open till 8th November. https://www.investingnote.com/simulation_campaigns/sg-active-trading-tournament-2019

Total 1837 participants at time of writing. My rank 38.

The underlying derivative for trading is called 'DLC' which stands for Daily Leverage Certificates. You can read more about it here.

"The issue price of a DLC is arbitrary, i.e. it is decided by the issuer, which is similar to the mechanism of a stock or an ETF. For DLC, issuers determine the issue price that strikes a balance between tighter spread and higher sensitivity.
Because DLC issue price is arbitrary, for two DLCs of the same underlying asset, direction and leverage but of different prices, the lower-priced DLC should not be considered as more cost-effective than the higher-priced one. In fact, the higher-priced DLC will be more sensitive than the lower-priced DLC and hence will be a better product from short-term trading perspective."

The catch for this tournament is that only Market Orders can be placed, no advanced order is allowed and no stop loss order. As it is a market order, the trader will always get the shorter end of the stick when a position is initiated. I will just take it as a board game experience cos I am not so free to be monitoring the market all day! Lol

Ask me if I would trade DLC in real life, probably not. Day trading is not my thing and I do not fancy the use of leveraged products much. It would be good simulation exercise for newbies, if they trade actively throughout this tournament, to have a feel of how's their trading psychology and whether sheer luck has been mistaken for skill.

What a successful trader and a successful business man have in common is that they are both as perspicacious. They swoop like an eagle and not hop about like a rabbit.

By the way, I will be overseas these few days and most likely you will see my ranking plunge drastically after I come back next week. Till then!

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11 October 2019

Self-care part I

People hate unsolicited advice - whether it is about telling them to quit smoking, stop using something that is already causing them health problems or to go see a doctor. So instead of telling the patient what to do, it is often more effective to ask if he plans to do something about a condition that is bothering him or lay out the choices and let the patient choose. From there, the pharmacist can guide the patient on what he could use or do. It is challenging for a pharmacist, in that sense, when a patient staunchly believes that what he has been doing (wrongly) is not a problem at all, thus refuses to listen to advice or make a different choice for himself.

9 October 2019

You would start reducing waste if the world collapsed

This post is inspired when I caught news about a girl called Greta Thunberg from a couple of weeks ago. She is a Swedish teenage climate activist and the founder of FridaysForFuture
Watch the TED video of her valiant speech below.

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