27 July 2020

Cheapest short-term internet access for my home appliances

I know this sounds like an odd topic as most homes in Singapore are already subscribed to broadband service. The cheapest broadband service around that I can find comes at 200mpbs speed with a 24-month contract and $27.99/mth and $53.50 service installation fee. Not sure why they throw in free home phone line for "value-added service" when almost everybody have our own mobile phones. The next cheapest I can find is 500Mbps at $29.90/mth.

Why would I need to find the cheapest short-term internet access for home appliances? Of course it's because my current place is not subscribed to any broadband service. Also because I want to surf the internet comfortably on my laptop (instead of handphone) and I need the WiFi to run my Xiaomi home cam when I am out. As I am not sure if I would be moving out in the next 1-2 years, I don't want to commit myself to a 2-year broadband plan that nobody but myself would utilize. So... I brainstormed a while and came up with the idea to use MiFi! 

What's MiFi?

It's basically a mobile Wifi gadget. You know, that little "egg thingy" that you use when you go overseas to insert a local simcard so that you could share mobile data with your travel mates? Yup!

So how does this work? I just need to buy a MiFi, insert my simcard (with the provided adapter) and make sure the device is well charged. 

And how much does it cost per month?

Only $8. Ain't this brilliant? :)

This is because my M1 SIM-only plan comes with a whooping 30GB data (with weekend data free) that I can't possibly finish using that in one month since I don't watch dramas all day. Therefore, I subscribed to a share plan SIM to get another SIM card for this purpose. 

This is my Mifi, which I got from Shopee at $60.

If your old folks are staying alone and have no broadband access at home, you could also use this to let them 'trial' going digital.

I hope my sharing helps for those of you who are on a budget and need short-term internet access at home, or need to have a WiFi connection without using your handphone as a mobile hotspot.

Have other life hacks or $ saving ideas? Feel free to comment below.



Not yet on Shopee? You could use my referral code BEZFR222 to sign up for $10 off your first order on Shopee.

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For those of you who are seniors (60yo & above) or have seniors at home, check out what gov has in store to help seniors go digital - https://www.imda.gov.sg/seniorsgodigital



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22 July 2020

Book review: Think and Grow Rich

"Think and Grow Rich" is a book with many valuable insights on life principles. Yes it is not a technical kind of book that talks about investments of any sort, its focus is more on the soft literary aspects.

If you have read one of my old posts Desire, Effort, Faith & Grit, you would have guessed that its content serves to guide us towards harnessing the power of our thoughts, through which would enable us to grow money.
(I know this post is way overdue as I didn't finish this book in one breath from when I started. Glad that I finally published from the draft which has been sitting there for more than 1 year!🤦‍♀️)

Here's an online version which you can read at your own pace. But if you want a flash 12-min overview of the book, you can watch this video by The Swedish Investor, although it doesn't quite justify what you can get from reading the book cover-to-cover.

I find that these are the 6 most important concepts to me. (It made me want to start a Mastermind group.)


As I read this book in a rather fragmented manner, I shall not go into the individual chapters.

Presenting here some of my favourite quotes from the book.

"The leaders in every walk of life decide quickly, and firmly. 
That is the major reason why they are leaders. The world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going."

"Education consists, not so much of knowledge, but of knowledge effectively and persistently applied. Men are paid, not merely for what they know, but more particularly for what they do with that which they know."

"The person who takes no chances, generally has to take whatever is left when others are through choosing. Over-caution is as bad as under-caution. Life itself is filled with the element of chance."

"Superstition is a form of fear. It is also a sign of ignorance. Men who succeed keep open minds and are afraid of nothing."

"Most people are too indifferent or lazy to acquire facts with which to think accurately. They prefer to act on "opinions" created by guesswork or snap-judgments."

"Every person, who has been moved by genuine love, knows that it leaves enduring traces upon the human heart. The effect of love endures, because love is spiritual in nature. The man who cannot be stimulated to great heights of achievement by love, is hopeless-he is dead, though he may seem to live."

"The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. The finishing point is that brand of KNOWLEDGE which leads to understanding- understanding of self, understanding of others, understanding of the laws of Nature, recognition and understanding of HAPPINESS."

As I read through the pages under the Chapter The Sixth Sense, I thought that this has an uncanny resemblance to religious beliefs - when one "speaks" to God.

It could be, as Napoleon put it, a portion of our brain that connects to the sixth sense and make the imaginary counsel (whoever God is in our mind) appears real. I don't know much depth about the characters he mentioned, so there is no way that I can plug them into my mind and come up with an imaginary counsel like he did. Hmm, I probably need a mesh of knowledge on history, personality and literature for that. Just a side note, I am a free thinker.

And something interesting - I came across this Chinese YouTube video while browsing. There were certain points brought up, like "念力", which relate to what was mentioned in  "Think and Grow Rich". Watch it and tell me what you think?


My upcoming reads:

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss (Procrastinated and paused reading)

Skin in the Game by Nassim Taleb

Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Taleb

Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

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18 July 2020

Calculations on a HDB purchase versus rental part III

In my previous posts Calculations on a HDB purchase versus rental Part I and Part II, I have covered what would be the absolute cost of renting versus buying with a hypothetical example, and also the unrecoverable costs consideration when buying a resale HDB flat instead of renting for singles. In this post, I will talk about pros and cons of BTO for singles.

BTO for singles

Upon reaching the definitive age of 35, eligible SINGLE Singaporeans can apply for BTO at last! Albeit only two-room flexi flats in non-mature estates. The average cost is assumed to be $100k for 45sqm space (prior to eligible grants). 

Available grants under Single Singapore Citizen Scheme are as illustrated on the HDB website here. Do note that Proximity Housing Grant in this case does not apply.