Saturday, 10 December 2011

I love my Cloud

Not the kind of clouds above my head - I am talking about the cloud in my android phone and computers... and of course the internet. Just the thing I need. Now I believe if you want something, search and you will get it. If you searched and you don't get it, then maybe you should try creating it.

A 'cloud' is, in a nutshell, a virtual storage space for you to put your files and folders in, the one I used is an online cloud which I have to sign up an account for. It saves me from bringing around a thumb-drive or repeatedly attaching files into my email's draft message and then get them sorted out when I download them into another of my computer. It syncs to my mobile device too. Sweet! (Yes 'sync' is another new word I have learn from my smart phone.) In a way it also helps to back up these files so there is no worry that they would get accidentally deleted, because you can sync them to and fro.

The only flip side is the limited storage space from the free account - 5 GB. I will use it sparingly and only on important files that I need review often. And being an online thing, security is another issue, so I make sure I have no very confidential information to be hacked from. Another worry is for the cloud not to rain (that is if it suddenly decided to make me pay a subscription fee or threaten to empty all my backed up files), I will for damn sure throw a fit.

I wonder if Google has its own Cloud app for its loyal android users, any idea?


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