Friday, 20 November 2015

Revisit: a few good reads on Stop Loss

It is in the human psychology to want to win back what we have lost. It is exactly this psychological notion which set us back and made us sit on our paper losses hoping that one day those losers would make a comeback. It is also this that made us 'throw good money after bad money'.

I think we should be treating our shares like eggs rather than antiques. If the egg has gone bad or lost its value, we should discard it. Don't live in the illusion that your eggs are golden eggs or antiques.

There's no need to time the market in cutting losses - because bad eggs do bad whether in good or bad times. (See fundamental analysis to filter the bad eggs. Undervalued egg ≠ Bad eggs.)

I first published this post back in 2012 but the articles here are still very much relevant.

*Note the following links would bring you to external sites.

5 simple things all wealthy traders do to gain an edge (in trader's context)

I was foolish... but this trick kept me alive

Trailing stops: lock in your profits with this not-so-secret sell strategy

The important lesson to be learnt here - remember to set a stop loss price. For long term holdings, when fundamentals changed - cut losses.

Perhaps we would find the same principle applies to other things in life - job, marriage, business?


  1. Yup!

    Trailing stop protects profits.

    Stop-loss stop limit losses.

    Those with deep pockets can do whatever they want!

    Those with shallow pockets who tried to "follow" the deep pockets by averaging down learnt very quickly - same same but different!

  2. I don't have stop-loss or trailing stop but I am NOT Asymmetrical in the stock market!

    Read? Patience In The Stock Market??? (3)

    1. Hi Uncle8888! That's another school of thoughts. No right or wrong. :)
      Your blog page never fails to bring me all over your blog as one page leads to another haha. And I particularly like this one:

  3. Hi rainbow,

    Haha, have you read this:

    1. Hi LP, wah... the lesson to learn - exercise stop loss but don't blindly use 'stop orders' to stop loss.


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