Monday, 18 March 2013

PC blank screen troubleshoot

If you have just moved house and find that your PC doesn't start up after the 'shake'. Fret not. Instead of sending it for a $20 troubleshoot, you can try troubleshooting it yourself quite simply.

My PC has been cranky since moving house and one fine day upon start up the CPU just gave a long beep sound with the monitor remaining blank black. I was contemplating whether I should bring it for repair because re-plugging in of the cables did not help at all, but my PC is already long past warranty. So I decided to give a DIY hardware troubleshoot a shot anyway.

First look for the key screw, unscrew and slide off the back / side panel casing (depending on your PC model, mine is side). Long beep refers to problem with some cards or the hard disk. So check them out. I took out the memory module seated somewhere in the middle of the motherboard beneath the ribbons, dust it a little and put it back. Putting it back is a little tricky because after sliding it into the slot it won't catch. Have to press both end firmly using the same amount of force with the thumbs in a straight downward direction (so that I won't crack anything) until the two opened notch at the side flip back and 'catch' the module in place. If it is correctly in place, it shouldn't slide or budge.

When I on it this time, tadaa... it managed to start up perfectly fine and is smooth running. My PC troubleshoot DAEBAK (success)! If I sent it for repair, the repairman could have cheated me by saying must change spare parts or what, when all that is needed is to resit a loose card in the PC.



  1. Now that's cool rainbowcoin!

    I would have done it the caveman way - bang bang it a few times. LOL!

    You are indeed daebak :)

    Most girls would just call their oppas ;)

  2. Tried caveman way already - it worked once and reverted back to spoilt state. I think I am more technical savvy than my oppas. keke


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