Saturday, 2 January 2016

A personal to do list 2016

From past experiences, 'resolution' and 'wishlist' don't work. So this year I came up with a 'to do' list.
'To do' things are things that are fully within my control and can be done by myself. I realised when I was younger I tend to be more idealistic, now I know expectations are inward-out not outward-in.

1) Enrol in pilate or gym (body building) course, go swimming more regularly. I need to find back my six-pack and stamina. If I don't enrol in any class, I have no discipline to follow through.

2) Reduce my personal store of inventory - donate, give away, sell away. Cannot be bogged down by so many things due to plan of moving out. I am trying to do the math if renting a space for my stuff is worth it.

3) Instead of being status-quo and making zero career progression, make a decision this year of focusing either on 老本行  OR switch to focus on retail / business management which is a slight skew of career direction for me or it may mean starting from Level 1 all over. Sian.

Another alternative is to go into teaching which I sort liked but officially lost touch since my relief teaching days. Although not entirely, as I still have ongoing mentorship roles in my profession. Regretfully, I didn't study my passion as I didn't know better when I was young. I was an art lover.

4) Re-balance my portfolio and diversify by investing in some bonds, some REITs, some apple and orange, maybe the STI if it drops further.

5)Take at least a trip oversea a year.


Many times I say to myself  "I will do this, I will do that" but getting down to actually doing takes about twice as much inertia as for thinking and planning.

Cannot procrastinate. Must make them happen.


  1. gambate. rebalancing the portfolio seems a one time effort to me. as for finding back your six pack, don't do too much, perhaps take this as an experience to find the best way to achieve it in the shortest time with the highest impact workout.

    1. I find that Pilate is the best exercise for nice abs. But after 3 months no workout, abs became flabs haha.

      I prefer to rebalance bit by bit like fruit picking. :)

  2. Eh...

    I hope you are not going to do a ladyironchef on me are you?

    Girls got six-pack?

    Or am I so "lao kok kok" that I don't know what's in now?

    1. Uncle SMOL, I guess you too busy trading jedi style never read lifestyle news right?
      Hehe :)

    2. Ah! So des ne!

      Lucky I still prefer curves.

      If I interested in muscles, I'll go for men ;)


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