Saturday, 18 November 2017

What is keeping you going in your work?

    1. Money?

    2. Sense of Purpose (aka 使命感)?

    3. Your ikigai (which encompasses also point 2)

    For pondering.

    If you are interested (external links): 

    The surprising truth about what motivates us



    1. More on money than purpose when lack of money and then doing the reversal when more on purpose than money. Has to be realistic on city living when we open our eyes in the morning. It is about money money until money is enough. :-)

      1. The happiest state is when one can gain money by pursuing their purpose/ passion. Next best is being able to find a balance between money and sense of purpose/passion.
        However, it is often difficult to define when is money enough as people are often driven by the greed for more money. Some people would say enough for 衣食住行 is considered enough, some say must have savings of $xxxxxx, some say must have FI... zzz


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