Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Portfolio actions

  • It's world cup season plus holiday, so I think that the market will be quite cool at least for these 2 months. Trade war is heating up though...
  • Sold all my Keppel Corp shares @$7.42. Concerns with rising supply of oil and the U.S. sanctions against Iran and Venezuela have caused market sentiments to be mixed about the future oil prices. Since the share price of Keppel (BN4) is co-related to oil prices, I have decided to get out of the roller coaster and sit on the sideline for now. Downtrend is still intact. BN4's dividend yield has became much less attractive compared to the past, thus I shall not enter till the price becomes more attractive.
  • Watching OCBC. Price still on downtrend and meeting it's support point. Partial sold at $12.92. Will its price fall below $12?
  • The REITs seemed to have taken a bit of punching. Nil action for my REIT holdings.
  • Looks like Singtel and M1's downtrend still haven't end... :( I thought that M1's ECG (price movement) has signaled a dead heartbeat. NO! Its ECG revived, albeit not in the pattern that I wished for. Singtel on watchlist, my orders kept lapsing these few days.
M1 - not Best Friend now

  • Placed more spare money into SSB and probably will withdraw some that were placed during the not-so-good interest period coming this July.

Who says only holding needs conviction? Buying, selling and not falling in love with a share need much conviction too.


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