19 November 2020

Quick update - Nov 2020

I have quite caught up with work (on 6-day work week) and family matters, so I have kind of put a stop to my financial learnings and readings lately. That also explains my lack of posts. This update would be a really quick one as I am just too too tired.

1) SG stocks portfolio

Between the period of April (big crash) till now, these are the stocks which I have purchased during their price trough period.

Comfort Delgro
Mapletree NAC
Ascott Trust
Olam Intl
Mapletree Logistics Trust

The deployment have been quite conservative and in phases (means I don't purchase all in one batch). Some of them are straight winners after the purchase, but some took a further tumble. Which is which, you can go and see their charts to find out. 

STI have slept long enough, I am glad to see that it has finally awaken to the beats of its US counterparts. Hope for covid vaccine? So fast?

My current portfolio based on capital invested sits on -2%. Worse performers are Silverlake, First Reit, Starhill and Singtel. Best performers are the banks.

2)  Cryptocurrency

This one is like my black horse. Despite suffering from a major crash together with the stock market, it beats all indexes hands down during rebound. Read: Bitcoin breaks $18,000 as rally powers on

If one bought BTC during the trough of its big crash and held on, it would be a 3-bagger now!

I still have my qualms about crypto so I did not jump in at all opportunities. I purchased some in January this year and traded for slighted profits. I also purchased some in the post-crash period which has reaped about 100% gain (double bagger!). However, I have sold too early in the midst of the rally (when 1 BTC was around SGD 18k) to reap the profits. The steepness of the rally made me can't help but think "Am I too greedy to hold on, what if it flash crash?". 

Note that ease of buying and using BTC may be factors that drive up its recent price. Read: Square and PayPal may be the new whales in the crypto market as clients flock to buy bitcoin

I used Binance sg and not some professional trading platform for buying crypto, so I can't set any stop loss (no good for trading). However even those professional trading platforms can their caveats when there's a flash crash, bearing in mind too that those are custodian accounts and vulnerable to hacks / manipulations. 

Now I am still holding on to a bit of cryptos as they rally on. Really a bit. Just to continue speculating.

3) Trading

I managed to "smoke the last puff" of the BABA rally before the news about the Ant IPO suspension came out and its price land slide begun. I attempted to buy in once after the slide but got stopped out shortly. A little silly not to have done my TA homework well.

Overall my US trading is holding up well for this year, as I was more careful in executing my trades and also took quick profits amidst volatility. 

Capping losses is of utmost importance when lose-win is at almost a 50-50.


Investing, speculating, trading and marching on...

"Money-making opportunities befall those who can see what others don't see coming."

That's all for now. Till next time!

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  1. Hi Rainbowcoin,

    Interesting updates on your portfolios. I see that you are way ahead than me in Crypto and Trading knowledge. Time to pull up my brand new socks.

    Take care and dont get burn out!

    1. Hi BmD,

      Nice to see you drop by here.

      My crypto knowledge is really very superficial as compared to some other bloggers. My purchases are mainly speculative with some TA thrown in haha.

      Hope to see you post some of your progress in crypto and trading knowledge soon. :)

    2. Recap on how I started trading crypto https://rainbowcoin.blogspot.com/2020/01/first-takeaway-of-year.html