25 December 2020

Year end reflections 2020

This year has not been kind to many. Who would have predicted that the impact of the Wuhan virus can be more fatal and widespread than SARS? I can only say that we are really fortunate to be living in Singapore, where our government really took good measures against community virus spread and also took good financial care of its citizens hit by this economy seismic.

View from the MBS skypark

2020 has not been kind to my family either. My mom is deteriorating in her health, and stubborn as she is, refuses to heed anyone's healthcare advice (mine and doctor's included). The least I could do is to ensure she takes her medications and eats more veg. Having to work full-time, while caring for the family and doing household chores is becoming very robotic and tiring, bringing high stress but low level of happiness return. So I have decided to quit my job next year and work part-time instead. Devoting more of my time to my passions (whatever they are), self-care, family care and save myself from some angst.

I was half-joking with my friend at the beginning of the year, when talking about the topic of FIRE, that I will be forced into FIRE by my family. So now a partial FIRE? What prompted me to be more sure of my quitting decision is my nagging knee pain, not severe but it comes back now and then (from the tolling). My job is also one that doesn't provide much opportunity for growth and self-actualization. And at this juncture I also don't have much motivation to climb a corporate ladder. It's time I should climb my Maslow's hierarchy instead and go a bit YOLO while still young (we should aim not to run out of time before we run out of money, and paradoxically, the reverse). Always remember - we can't buy time and happiness with money, and sometimes even health. 

Budget wise I did not calculate to the cents, but I am confident that with less going out with friends, eating out and no going on overseas holidays, expenses have already much reduced. I could sustain a few years without my net worth getting eroded by inflation. By then, some personal and environmental circumstances might have changed. 

2020 is finally coming to an end. Time just quietly passes by without us noticing, although every action that we take does accumulate into repercussions that we would notice only too late in the future. Sometimes even opportunities, places and people, they just pass us by. I foresee next year might get more depressing but I shall try to get more things done. My mom is the biggest discourager in my life, so more time with her = more depressing. She would always "sing opposing song" to whatever I do. "It's no good to be investing, it's akin to gambling (absolutely not true, proven to her with 10 years track record). It's no good to travel abroad, it's dangerous (look what's real dangerous now). It's no good to buy a HDB, there will be oversupply and devaluation in future (hello, look what house we are staying in)." You get the drift, that's my mom for you. I am sure she will nag at me for being "out of job". As usual, I'll one-ear-in-one-ear-out.

Despite having a rough ride for stocks this year, I didn't fare too badly overall. I can finally announce as of Dec that I have recouped all my US trade losses from 2018. Yay, zero school fee paid to Mr US stock market! And my cryptos are now on freehold (I have taken back my invested capital). I counted myself lucky for cashing out XRP at a peak of $0.90 before the crash. For other updates, do refer to the previous post. I am considering DCA into a few ETFs (to be a bit more hands off cherry-picking stocks and saving time) in the coming years. Perhaps more details will be discussed next year.

An interesting read - Returns per unit of stress.

Ok, time to mop floor and then burn my weekend working.

Oh ya. Merry X'mas!

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  1. Quote : "It's no good to be investing, it's akin to gambling"

    Your Mum may have heard or witness relatives or close friends badly burnt during AFC and CLOB Saga.

    Read? Chop Fingers liao!!! (2)

    Read? Pre-AFC Nothing Could Gone Wrong. Hoot Tua Tua or Supercharge Your Leverage!!!

  2. Congratulations on your Freehold/Pillow XRP as it is now zero or near zero stress unit of returns.

    Slowly work towards freehold investment portfolio for Infinite Return and income generation during your semi FIRE and finally FIRE!

    1. Hi Uncle8888,

      Now I freehold ETH. Already sold my XRP. :D

  3. Hi Rainbowcoin.

    Your post reminds me of my givegiving days. Keep going. It indeed can be depressing with the best of compassion, intentions.

    U also very 孝顺。

    Find time for outlet, like a alone meal, or WhatsApp chat.

    The thing is, when they dun agrue... U know it not good news

    1. Hi SI,

      Thank you for your encouragement.

      Yeah, you are right. When they don't argue, it's not good news. :(

  4. Rainbow girl,

    You're cool!

    Most just talk and talk, set lots goals; plan this, plan that...

    All the above just to AVOID making a decision.

    Once we have made a decision, there can only be 3 outcomes:

    1) Crash got sound. Shit! I've made a mistake!

    2) Sweet! I should've done this long ago!

    3) Don't know leh... Still too early to tell...

    Mother and daughter story... This one can be more drama than mother-in-law versus daughter-in-law...

    Trust me, there are days I feel like screaming at mom. My mom is a hoarder while I'm the "let it go" guy. Imagine the fun we'll have when its time for our move!


    Good luck to your new journey next year as the Lady of Leisure.

    Money lost can be recouped; time lost is forever gone.

    You've got your priorities right!

    You go girl! (This girl not so idiot after all!)

    1. Hi SMOL,

      I thought you knew I am not much of a planner. Lol

      MIL and DIL story sure more drama,got undercurrent. Mother and daughter one is plain boring la. We always grumble, argue on the same old things.

      Wait... Where did that idiot part come from?